Freshwater Advantage

The Chinese have brought freshwater pearl farming to all new levels, creating pearls of much higher quality, making them quite comparable – in fact, almost indistinguishable – from their saltwater cousins. This is favorable breakthrough for those who wish for beauty without the price tag, as it provides jewelry shoppers with a much more affordable alternative to the expensive saltwater pearls, but with little-to-no drop in quality or appearance.

Freshwater pearls have another advantage to saltwater pearls, being that they are generally all nacre. Most freshwater pearls are not nucleated with a bead and because of this, have thicker nacre than other saltwater pearls. As a result the Freshwater pearl has an innate durability, which naturally resists chipping, degeneration, and wear. Thus a Freshwater pearl necklace is a good choice if wear is one of your concerns.

Their unique shapes and wide variety of colours, combined with their attractive prices and charming character, have made freshwater pearls a favorite amongst jewelry designers, shoppers, and pearl connoisseurs alike. Many people embrace these attributes as the inherent beauty of genuine freshwater pearls; their natural shape is a testament to their authenticity.